Reclaim Rubber Chemicals

    The important necessary chemcials have to be added in reclaim rubber devulcanzing process is Rubber softener and Rubber activator agent. We suggest our Pine tar ,Tall oil pitch and Petroleum Asphalt to be used as rubber softener.

    Rubber softener:
    Pine tar is pure plant oil made and it is PAHs complaince,if you want an environmental grade reclaim,this is the right choose.
    Tall oil pitch has high viscoisty that can rise the strength of reclaim rubber to make it better performance.
    Petroleum Asphalt is a valued and economic methold to get an odorless grade reclaim rubber. It is semi-solid form ,reclaim rubber by it has a good strength tensile and elongation.It is most popular softener instead of coal tar after strictly environmental policy.

    Rubber activator agent:
    Our rubber activator is a kind of fatty acid combinlation product.It is environmental odorless and high efficiency to help rubber powder desulfurization and increase its plasticity .It is not contain harmful substance and produce according to REACH compliance.
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