There was several decades of history we use reclaimed rubber to instead of part or 100% natural rubber used in various rubber products in China.With its good processing performance,lower price,reclaimed rubber is widely used in rubber industry,such like rubber sole,rubber mat,rubber tube,tyre,etc.It can reduce the cost,but also to improve production process performance.

    Advantage of Reclaimed Rubber:

    a)Good Plasticity,Easy to mix with natural rubber and ingredientns,Save time,Reduce power cosumption;
    b)Little contractibility,make goods smoothly and accurate dimensions;
    c)Good fluxility,good used at moulded products;
    d)Anti-aging,heatproof,oilproof,acid and alkali resistance;
    e)High curing speed,good scorch resistance.

    Disadvantage of Reclaimed Rubber

    a)Flex cracing large;
    b)Poor tear resistance.

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