• Refined Rubber Activator RA450
    Refined Rubber Activator RA450

    Refined Rubber Activator RA450

    As one important devulcanizing agent in the processing of devulcanizing rubber powder,It is mainly used in devulcanization of rubber powder to shorten the time of devulcanization.Compare with traditional activator,this grade makes rubber devulcanization thoroughly.And the dosage is less,the suggestion dosage in 1000kgs rubber powder is 0.3%-0.5%,here the following is the main specification for your reference:
    Specification Index Results
    Dynamic Viscosity:(35 °C )( PaS): 2-15
    Combined sulfur content Min 9 %
    Free sulfur content Max 1.5 %
    Appearance Dark Brown,sticky paste

    Dosage:suggested 3kgs -5kgs for 1000kgs rubber powder depending upon the requirement .


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