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    Pine tar

    Pine Tar is known since ancient history for its capacity as a water repellent vapour barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect. It has an empyreumatic odor and sharp taste. The chief constituents are volatile terpene oils, neutral oils of high boiling point and high solvency, resin and fatty acids. The proportion of these vary in the different grades of tar, also according to tree species and the part of the tree used, type of carbonization oven ect.

    The following date is approved by our test and according to our experience.In different application,we`ll suggest you can complete necessary tests before using,to ensure it can be used in best performance.Please refer to pine tar ZBG16001-86. 


    Grade SNR #03
    Appearance                           Dark black viscous Liquid                       
    Engler Viscosity(C100mL;85°C)/S 300-500
    Specific Gravity  0.96-1.10
    Volatile content /% Max 6.0
    Ash content /% Max 2.0
    Moisture content /% Max 1.0
    Mechanical Impurity/% Max 0.1
    Odor No

    1. Has good softening effect to the carbon black rubber
    2. Can increase the viscosity of rubber, rubber soft and smooth
    3. Can activation to thiazole accelerator
    4. For products with hardy antiscorching mitigation effect
    5. The price is competetive
    6. As a natural plant product without the side effects of aromatic oil
    7.Super viscosity,brightness,no smell,
    when used to prevent rubber, carbide increase rubber toughness has a unique role .


    Be used in agricuture
    Be used as wood preservatives.
    As ruber softener in tires & No tires and other rubber industry.
    As rubber softenre in eclaimed rubber production, rubber parts,and other rubber industry etc

    1. By Iron barrel:200kgs net weigt /barrel → 80 barrels/20` feet container (16000 kgs total)
    2. By Plastic bag:2kgs/5kgs/10kgs/plastic bag (can be packaged as requests)→ barrel/carton out packaged
    3.Customized can or plastic bucket is acceptable.

    1.Storage in cool,ventilated place;
    2.Keep in the dry condition;
    3.Keep separately in the safety storage warehouse;
    4.Keep away from fire,heat sources ;
    5.Avoid it from direct sun.

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