• High Styrene Rubber
    High Styrene Rubber

    High Styrene Rubber

    High styrene rubber HS860
    High-styrene rubber HSR 860 appears to white or milk chips,no odor and non-toxic.It is produced by mixing styrene butadiene latex and high styrene resin in appropriate proportion.
    It is used in footwear,rubber floor,cables,tyres,etc. which request a high degree of reinforcement and hardness.makes the rubber compound excellent tear strength and resistance.
    Item Unit Value
    Bound styrene % 68
    Volatile Content % ≤5.0
    Organic Acid Content % 3.5-5.5
    Organic Soup content % ≤0.5
    Mooney Viscosity  ML(1+4) 45-60
    Strength Tensile  MPa ≥10.0
    Hardness Shore ≥95
    In kraft woven bag with liner inside :25kg /bag

    Footwear: Shoe soles,sandal,slipper,rubber soling sheet.etc.

    Rubber Compound: Rubber hose,car mat,tyres,rubber flooring,toys,and other kinds of rubber products.

    Keep in dry and cool areas,preventing from direct sunlight expoure.
    12 months from production date is suggested to use out .

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