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    Rosin Gum 

    Plants secrete resin and rosins for their protective benefits.And the resin is composed mainly of terpenes and derivatives.The individual components of resin can be separated by fractional distillation.Rosins on the other hand are less volatile and consist, inter alia,of diterpenes.

    Solidified resin from which the volatile terpene components have been removed by distillation is know as rosin.Typical rosin is transparent or translucent mass,with a vitreous fracture and a faintly yellow and brown colour, non-odorous or having only a slight turpentine odor and taste.Rosin is insoluble in water,mostly soluble in alcohol,essential oils,ether and hot fatty oils,and softens and melts under the influence of heat,and burns with a bright but smoky flame.

    Plant resins are valued for the production of varnishes,adhesives,they are also prized as raw materials for the synthesis of other organic compounds and provide constituents of incense and perfume.While the softer odoriferous oleo-resins and gum resins containing essential oils are more used for therapeutic purposes and incense.

    Paper Making;
    Printing Ink;
    Synthetic Rubber;

    Rubber industry.etc.


    It is a kind of natural resin,mainly composed of a variety resin acids such as dimmers and decarboxylated acids.Gum rosin is soluble in alcohol,ether,turpentine and other organic solvents.The mainly specification as following:

      Unit WW grade WG grade
    Color   Slight yellow Yellow
    Softening point ℃,≥ 76 75
    Acid value mgKOH/g,≥ 166 165
    Non-saponifiable content %,≤ 5 5
    Alcohol-insoluble content %.≤ 0.03 0.03
    Ash content %.≤ 0.02 0.03
    Apprearance   Solid Translucency Solid Translucency


    Package & Notice

    Net weight is 225 Kgs by Galvanize iron each drum.And special wooden pallet can be customized.
    We would suggest to keep rosin inside the room.Keep air circle .Stay away from sun burn and fire.




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