• Grey Latex Reclaimed Rubber
    Grey Latex Reclaimed Rubber

    Grey Latex Reclaimed Rubber

    Grey Latex Reclaimed Rubber

    Sino Grey Latex Reclaimed Rubber is made of Isoprene medical cover,and it appears to the grey color. Compare with white latex reclaim rubber,its main advantage is good elongation at break.Its utmost Elongation can reach
    700% .The physical&chemical stability is the same as natural rubber.With this good performance it is mixed with natural rubber use to save the cost.This grade is environmental and odorless .Meet the standard PAHs and REACH regulation.

    Automotive tread rubber& Inner tube & Rubber flap

    Rubber sole sheet & Footwear
    Rubber mat and rubber sheet and roof waterproof materials
    Rubber parts
    Rubber hose ,cables
    In the position of virgin rubber in various rubber products.

    1.No impurity &Low specific gravity
    2.Odorless &Environment-free
    3.Good extensibility,high elasticity,anti-friction and anti-aging.

    We have 2 grades of Grey reclaimed rubber which are treated in different devulcanized process which can meet customer`s request on its properties,specifications are mainly as following: 

    Tensile Mpa
    Elongation at 
    Break %
    Sp. Gravity 
    Mooney Viscosity 
    ML(1+4)@ 100℃
    Shore A
    Ash Content %
    11 550 1.21 30-50 50±5 9
    18 630 1.21 30-50 50±5 8

    Test tempreture in lab room is at 22oC;
    Test standard is according to national standard GB/T 13460-2003.

    Net weight 20kgs/bale;

    24 tons nuded reclaimed rubber for 1x20FCL while 20 tons loaded when packaged into pallet . 

    We suggested to store materials in dry and cool areas,preventing from direct sunlight exposure.The use of color coating on window is recommended.3 months after date of delivery were regard as product quality warranty period. 


    • 1 We can produce materials according to customer`s hardness or Mooney Viscosity request in production.
    • 2 We are in the position to process rubber compound for customer`s request and formulation!! 


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